20 Sep 2019

What is HyperV?

Hyper-V is the hypervisor that is designed by Microsoft to be moved to the Windows Server platform. It is a server virtualization tool with a complete virtualization concept and type 1 hypervisor.

The virtualization platform developed by Microsoft is based on Virtual Server 2005. Later, the first version of the HyperV server appeared from Windows 2008. The version of R2 built into Windows Server roles came with 2008 R2. The launch of the feeling
Windows Server 2012 launches the latest version of HyperV: HyperV v3 or HyperV 2012.

HyperV's operating architecture is a bit special. Officially, HyperV is a complete virtualization system with a Type 1 hypercontroller, but trusting the primary share makes it look like an emulator.